Integrated Social Benefits Platform

Collectives Portal

What is the VidaCaixa Collectives Portal?

The Collectives Portal is an on-line computer tool aimed at customers and intermediaries for Vidacaixa collectives in the area of corporate social benefits.

This tool is a technological platform that is committed to innovation so that you have access to all the relevant information regarding your contracts. It allows users to consult and manage contracts via the Internet and is backed by the valuable professional experience of VidaCaixa Previsión Social, available 24 hours a day.


  • Designed for risk and savings products
  • Secure environment, absolute confidentiality of information
  • Optimises policy management processes
  • Completely free service

The VidaCaixa Collectives Portal is a tool for collective risk insurance, and registration is not possible for individual policyholders, nor for retirement insurance or pension plans. It is possible to access these services through Línea Abierta at "La Caixa".