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Use of cookies through Matomo

F32 - Cookies Matomo

We use the open source software Matomo in our websites to collect statistics about website traffic. Matomo is hosted on our own web servers. Matomo does not transfer any data to servers outside of our control.

To improve data protection, we allow Matomo to shorten the IP addresses of visitors to our website.

Matomo does not record any data without your consent. With your consent, Matomo stores the following statistics cookies, which allow us to analyse the use of our website:

Name: _pk_id…
Provider: VidaCaixa
Purpose: Used to associate multiple visits to our websites through the same device with a single record.
Duration: 13 months

Name: _pk_ses…
Provider: VidaCaixa
Purpose: Session cookie to temporarily store data during a session.
Duration: 30 minutes

Each time an interested party visits a page of our website that uses Matomo, their browser will be prompted to transmit data to our servers for its analysis.

If you consent to Matomo carrying out the network analysis, the information generated by the cookies about your use of the website will be transferred to our servers and stored in them with the shortened IP address. Said information includes:

  • IP address and host name of your computer.
  • Name, language and version of your browser.
  • The operating system used to access the website.
  • The referrer URL (the page that was previously visited).
  • The date and time when it was accessed.

If you uncheck the consent box, the following cookie will be set with a value of 0:

Name: stats_allowed
Provider: VidaCaixa
Purpose: To save whether you consent to the collection of data to obtain statistics about the website traffic and the application of statistics cookies.
Duration: 2 years

This prevents us from collecting your data when visiting our websites in the future. The cookie, which will only be valid in this browser and for one of our websites at a time, will be stored in your computer.