[F32][Corporate information] Corporate social responsibility - Our stakeholders

VidaCaixa is committed to people and the environment, with the objective of creating shared value for the company and its stakeholders.

The VidaCaixa management model is based on social, environmental and governance aspects in its business operations and strategy, in close collaboration with its stakeholders and with the objectives of identifying, preventing and mitigating potential adverse impacts.

VidaCaixa places customers at the heart of its activity and therefore works to create value long-term both for them and for the environment in which it operates.

VidaCaixa’s professionals are its main asset, and the success of the organisation’s sustainability and social and economic efficiency depends on them. VidaCaixa Group companies encourage the development of their potential and talent, promote diversity and the constant improvement of their experience.

VidaCaixa is a 100% CaixaBank company and the relationships with our shareholder are a cornerstone in the development of our activity. We contribute to their mission and vision, which are aligned with quality corporate values, trust and social commitment in order to add value to the entire Group and with this the expectations of its shareholders and investors.

Analysts and regulators
VidaCaixa works by the highest standards as part of its commitment to excellence in its activity. Because of this, it was the first insurer and pensions manager in Spain to adopt the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and the Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance to achieve climate neutrality in 2050. We are members of the main international sustainability alliances (such as PSI or Global Compact) that promote responsible socioeconomic growth. We work with insurance employers and collective investment institutions to defend the best practices and promote ethics and transparency as the basis of a good governance model.