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[F13] Cover of extraordinary risks

[F32][Customer service] How to report a claim - Cover of extraordinary risks


The Directorate-General of Insurance and Pension Funds’ Resolution of 28 March 2018 establishes the content of the Clause for Indemnity Payments by the Spanish Insurance Compensation Consortium for losses due to exceptional occurrences in personal insurance, which figures in some of our company’s policies.

The wording of the clause can be found below.

What is the Insurance Compensation Consortium cover for losses arising from extraordinary events?

One of the functions of the Insurance Compensation Consortium is to indemnify personal insurance policyholders for losses suffered as a result of certain extraordinary events, provided that the legally established requirements are met.

What extraordinary events are covered by the Insurance Compensation Consortium?

  • The following natural phenomena: earthquakes and tidal waves; extraordinary floods, including those caused by sea surges; volcanic eruptions; atypical cyclones (including extraordinary winds with gusts of more than 120 km/h and tornadoes); and falls of stellar bodies and aerolites.
  • Those caused violently as a consequence of terrorism, rebellion, sedition, mutiny and popular uprising.
  • Deeds or actions of the Armed Forces or Security Forces during peacetime.

What are the communication channels with the Insurance Compensation Consortium?

You may report damages and obtain information on the procedure and processing status of your claims by:

  • Telephoning the Insurance Compensation Consortium’s Customer Call Centre on 900 222 665 or 952 367 042.
  • Consulting the Insurance Compensation Consortium's website (

This information is for informative purposes only and is subject to change. VidaCaixa, S.A.U. de Seguros y Reaseguros does not assume any responsibility for the information published.

> Compensation Clause by the Insurance Compensation Consortium for losses arising from extraordinary events in personal insurance.