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[F13] Sostenibilidad - Inversion sostenible - Nuestro proceso de inversión

[F32]Sostenibilidad - inversión sostenible - Nuestro proceso de inversión

VidaCaixa's commitment to socially responsible investment (SRI) is a priority and, in this sense, the company accompanies businesses and individuals towards a sustainable transition, offering ESG solutions that cover their protection and savings needs throughout their lives.

In order to remain a leader in SRI, the company is constantly improving the ESG management of investments, adapting its management policies to the new regulations on sustainable finance at a European level, aligning these efforts with global commitments, such as the 2030 Agenda, and committing to the transition of investment portfolios towards a low-carbon economy.

VidaCaixa has an investment management model aligned with the values, policies and principles of the CaixaBank Group, which complies with the framework of the European Union's Sustainable Finance Action Plan, and integrates the best international sustainability management strategies and practices.

This investment management model, based on economic profitability and ESG criteria, has enabled VidaCaixa to obtain higher returns in individual pension plans than the market average.