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Group life insurance

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Taking care of your workers while also obtaining benefits for your business is indeed possible. VidaCaixa makes its team of experts available to you to help find the solution you need. With our products you’ll have the protection umbrella you need for your employees, without having to take out separate policies, and you’ll also gain important savings and an appeal for future recruits. The group life insurance brings big benefits to businesses who offer their workforce a life insurance. VidaCaixa makes it easy to ensure that your workforce is protected, giving them and their family financial security in the face of contingencies. Find out about our group life insurance products and choose the one that best suits your business.

Beneficios Seguros Colectivos



Employee protection and loyalty

Policies to take care of your employees and gain their loyalty.


Choose the covers and capital sums that suit your business needs.

Tax benefits

They count as deductible expenses for the company.

Extra coverage

They have death coverage too.

Incentives for future employees

This can be an appeal for future recruits.

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Frequently asked questions about workplace insurances

Do you have any doubts about the benefits your company can enjoy through workplace insurances? Or are you not yet sure about what’s the best workplace insurance for you? Don’t worry, check our FAQs for more information about the terms and benefits of our products for businesses. Read on and we’ll help you choose the option that best suits your business and employees.

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  • What’s a mandatory group life insurance?

    • Group life insurances are not usually mandatory. However, different collective bargaining agreements may require them. If your collective bargaining agreement establishes that it’s mandatory, you must then necessarily take out a group life insurance. Remember that the company may be penalised if it doesn’t have this insurance.

  • Who has to pay for the for mandatory life insurance?

    • It depends! It all depends on the type of business and industry. In other words, mandatory group life insurance policies must be paid by organisations that belong to industries where this type of insurance is required by law, such as travel agencies and credit institutions.

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Portal for Groups

Log into the Portal for Groups where you can manage every product you’ve contracted for or through your company.




Log into the platform for participants and insured parties in the products for groups and companies.

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Discover all the latest news and keep up to date on anything that could affect your business or workers. Don’t miss a thing on our blog and find what you need to be up to date. VidaCaixa wishes to share its experience with you and provide you with the best solution for your future and that of you organisation. Check the information and choose the protection that best fits you through our workplace insurances.