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Plan de Pensiones de Empleo Simplificado ATA

The first solution that improves your future as self-employed

VidaCaixa introduces the first pension scheme for the self-employed or freelancers. This simplified workplace pension scheme will give you the protection and reassurance you need for yourself and your loved ones. Aware that you’re a crucial player in your business, VidaCaixa protects the self-employed and adapts to its customers’ needs with each product. Find out about the Plan de Empleo Simplificado ATA.

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  • This long-term savings product is the first pension scheme created exclusively for freelancers and the self-employed.

  • With a higher limit for deposits: €1,500: general limit for deposits into any type of pension scheme. €4,250: specific limit for deposits into simplified workplace pension schemes for the self-employed.

  • Flexibility in deposits. You can make them regularly or as one-off payments, as you prefer.


  • Receive the benefits for your retirement, total disability or severe disability.

  • A scheme that includes coverage for dependency for the dependent person and their beneficiaries.

  • Surrender the capital sum at market value.

  • It includes exceptional payouts for long-term unemployment and serious illness.

  • You can take the benefit as an annuity or as a lump-sum and annuity.

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Frequently asked questions about the pension scheme for the self-employed

Do you have any doubts about the simplified workplace schemes for the self-employed? Don’t hesitate, check our FAQs for more information about our products and other covers of the insurances for the self-employed, businesses and SMEs. Find out everything you need to know and any information that may affect you as self-employed.

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  • What’s a simplified workplace pension scheme?

    • Simplified workplace pension schemes are those promoted by companies that are part of industry-based collective bargaining agreements and arrange pension commitments for their workers. There are also products for the self-employed, like for instance VidaCaixa’s ATA and other similar pension schemes for the public sector.

  • How much can the self-employed pay into a pension scheme?

    • The deposits allowed for pension schemes vary depending on whether the holder is self-employed or a freelancer. In this case, they have been limited since the Spanish Law 12/2022 came into effect to boost workplace pension schemes. Therefore, self-employed can deposit up to €1,500. However, unlike salaried employees, they can add another €4,250 into specific simplified workplace pension schemes for the self-employed.

  • Which retirement should you choose if you’ve worked as both self-employed and a salaried employee?

    • A worker who’s contributed to the Special System for the Self-employed (RETA) for eight years and then another 16 years as a salaried employee, will be entitled to a retirement pension from the general system that will take into account the 24 years they contributed and not only the 16 years contributed under the general system.
      Likewise, a worker who has worked for 10 years as a salaried employee and then become self-employed and worked for another 12 years will be entitled to a pension from the Special Regime for the Self-employed, which will take into account the contributions for all 22 years.

  • How can the self-employed improve their retirement?

    • From the moment they start working, most of the self-employed, about 60%, contribute the minimum fee to the Social Security institution, which means all their benefits will also be the minimum amount offered by this institution. In this case, the self-employed have two alternatives to the standard retirement: one option that is still largely unknown to the self-employed but has recently been reformed and improved. Or an active retirement, to which no more than 40,000 self-employed persons have subscribed, but would allow them to combine the benefit with the business income. Setting up a simplified workplace pension scheme and guaranteeing a good nest egg for the future, as we offer at VidaCaixa, is one of the best ways to ensure a good retirement for the self-employed.