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[F13] Case: Joint promotion pension plan / Company group

[F32][Business] Adaptive solutions - Case: Joint promotion pension plan /Company group

Company: Business group formed by six companies.

Sector: Chemical

Employees: 4,000 in the group

Situation: Some of the companies had already started a social welfare system, while the human resources departments of others wished to implement one as a means of increasing employee loyalty.

Problem: Only two of these six companies had the size to be able to design their own occupational pension schemes. Furthermore, those that had a social welfare system already in place had adopted plans that were far from optimal, as the profitability and cost savings that could be obtained by merging were not being exploited.

Solution: The account executive, after analysing the problems of each of the group companies, decided to propose a global solution by designing a joint pension plan for the whole business group. In this way, the conditions enjoyed by the companies have greatly improved, and moreover the human resources policy of the whole group has been unified in this area.

"The solutions here described correspond to real cases presented to VidaCaixa, with certain details that have been altered to protect the confidentiality of our clients and their business. They are given merely as a general guide and are not necessarily applicable in similar cases."

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