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VidaCaixa wants you to know all about our tailor-made solutions for businesses through real success stories. With our products you will have the support of a team of persons who are fully devoted to making your life much easier, because our commitment is to provide you with the coverage that best fits your circumstances.


We show your real stories where we’ve only changed the minimum details for confidentiality reasons, and can be the best guide for you.

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Read VidaCaixa’s success story about the joint pension scheme for a chemical company.  


Business group made up of six companies.







  • Some companies in the group had rolled out a retirement savings system while others wanted to implement an employee loyalty system in its human resources policy.  


  • Only two out of the six companies were large enough to design a tailor-made workplace pension scheme.  
  • Also, the companies with the retirement savings system were missing out on the benefits of profitability and lower expenses they would otherwise have together.  


  • The CFO, after analysing the problems afflicting each group company decided to propose a global solution by designing a joint promotion pension scheme for the entire group.  
  • Thanks to this, they were able to improve the conditions of each company and manage to standardise the HR policy across the group.  

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