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The protection you need

Retirement savings schemes for businesses

VidaCaixa wishes to help you provide your company and employees with the best protection That’s why we offer retirement savings schemes for businesses, for your workforce as an extra employment benefit that provides tax reliefs and a guaranteed return as well as great flexibility. With the workplace pension schemes, you can tailor solutions to your employees’ needs and fulfil your commitment to your business in the best way. 

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VidaCaixa’s retirement savings schemes for businesses

It’s as easy to set up a retirement savings scheme for businesses as it is to manage it. It allows you to outsource your pension commitments with your workers and both your business and workforce will enjoy many benefits. The retirement savings scheme for businesses is an insurance with guaranteed return that also optimises tax benefits on your savings.

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  • Simple and easy to implement.

  • No losses when it’s time to take the money.

  • Guaranteed interest rate.

  • The best return.

  • You can optimise tax benefits on the savings.

Everything the retirement savings schemes for businesses have to offer

  • Solutions tailored to each customer. Although the main cover is retirement, you can add other covers like total permanent disability for a specific job or for all types of work, severe disability and death.

  • With different options when it’s time to enjoy the benefits.

  • Peace of mind thanks to a guaranteed interest rate on deposits, growing savings until retirement and no risks.

  • Double guarantee given the insurance company’s solvency and the quality of the assets.

  • Simplified management, forget about the tedious paperwork and the regular reports and meetings. A professional management cuts down fixed expenses.

  • Completely safe.

  • The deposits made by the business for its employees are irrevocable and can’t be surrendered.

  • They have tax benefits for the employees and for the business.

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Frequently asked questions about the annuity scheme for early retirement

Do you have any doubts about the early retirement scheme? Don’t hesitate, check our FAQs for more information about our products and other insurance covers for large enterprises. Find out everything you need to know about the scheme and any information that may affect your business.

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  • What’s a retirement savings scheme for businesses?

    • Retirement savings schemes are the same as workplace pension schemes but are based on an insurance. In other words, it’s a workplace life or savings insurance that requires regular deposits. It has a guaranteed return and allows businesses to arrange its pension commitments under terms that are very similar to those offered by a pension scheme.

  • What’s the point of setting up a retirement savings scheme in a company?

    • It provides the business with tax benefits but also improves the employees’ employment conditions. The covers may be for retirement, death, permanent disability, severe disability and severe dependency as agreed.

  • What’s the difference between retirement savings schemes for businesses and workplace pension schemes?

    • The main difference between these two schemes is the return. While retirement savings schemes for businesses have no downside risk and have a guaranteed return with a minimum guaranteed interest, pension schemes have a variable return.

  • How does one set up a retirement savings scheme?

    • To set up a retirement savings scheme, the company must first assess its workers’ needs to choose the best fit. Then it needs to establish the goals and targets sought with the scheme. The next step is to choose an insurance company that is reliable and adapts to the company’s needs and once all this is done, the scheme is created with all the information and details of the coverage. Lastly, the company promotes it and informs the workforce about the scheme.

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Learn about the latest news and don’t miss a thing. If you’d like to keep informed or read the details of matters that may affect your or your business’ future, visit our blog. VidaCaixa wishes to share with you all the tips, advantages, support and solutions that will help you make the best decision for your future. Read on and don’t miss a thing.