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Life insurances for SMEs

If the people in your company or business are like your family, VidaCaixa wants to help you look after them. We offer life insurance policies for small and medium-sized enterprises with the best solutions adapted to your own needs and those of your business. Look after your assets and your employees in the best way with our life insurances for SMEs.

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Tailor-made life insurance policies for small and medium-sized enterprises.

MyBox Vida Negocios

  • Exclusive protection for self-employed, business partners and critical people who are not employed by the insured.

  • It allows you to pay a regular monthly premium during the first three years.

  • You can claim money in the event of temporary disability and an exclusive coverage of double the capital sum in the event of death or a total and permanent disability caused by an accident.

VidaCaixa Negocios y Empresas

  • Created for CaixaBank companies.

  • Insurance for self-employed, business partners and critical people who are not employed by the policyholder.

  • You can choose the covers flexibly.

  • You will be able to withdraw money in the event of temporary disability.

VidaCaixa Negocios

  • For self-employed, business partners and critical people who are not employed by the policyholder.

  • Guaranteed income in the event of temporary disability.

VidaCaixa Convenios

  • This insures the business’ employees.

  • It covers the obligations laid down in the industry collective bargaining agreement whereby the employer is required to pay compensation for a worker’s death or disability.

VidaCaixa Empleados

  • For CaixaBank companies.

  • It covers the pension commitments with workers in an employment relationship with the policyholder.

  • It allows the employer to cover the risks of death or different levels of disability caused by an accident or illness.

  • An appeal to retain employees.

SEVIAM Negocios Empresas

  • This guarantees the repayment and cancellation of business loans and lines of credit in the event of the beneficiary’s death or total permanent disability.

  • Automatic cancellation of the insurance once the loan linked to it has been repaid.

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Financial protection

Policies to take care of your employees and gain their loyalty.


Choose the covers and capital sums that suit your business needs.

Tax benefits

They count as deductible expenses for the company.

Extra coverage

They have death coverage too.


It can be used as an appeal to retain employees.

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Frequently asked questions about life insurances for SMEs

If you’re still wondering which life insurance for SMEs to choose or which is the policy that best benefits your business, don’t worry, check our FAQs for more information to learn more about the terms and benefits available with our tailor-made solutions for businesses. Read on and we’ll help you choose the option that best suits your business and employees.

Asset Publisher

  • What are the life insurances for SMEs?

    • An insurance for SMEs is the way a small or medium company can face a risk and avoid impacts on its business. The company resorts to the insurance company for protection and to take care of the risks included in its coverage in exchange for paying a premium. Life insurance policies for SMEs are also an opportunity to save up and protect your retirement from threats to the pension system. And it provides interesting tax reliefs.

  • What does a life insurance for SMEs cover?

    • A life insurance for SMEs covers death. It counts as a deductible expense for the company. Besides being a highly appreciated non-salary retribution, it has many advantages as the deposits made by the employer are considered earned income and are later discounted, by the same amount, from the general taxable base. You can benefit from tax reliefs as high as 47% in the Income Tax Return.

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Portal for Groups

Log into the Portal for Groups where you can manage every product you’ve contracted for or through your company.




Log into the platform for participants and insured parties in the products for groups and companies.

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VidaCaixa offers the best and most competitive solution to protect your assets and meet your commitments with your employees. We help you tackle any situations or contingencies arising in your business. With our products you can cover the damages and give your employees the best service. Learn about our life insurances for SMEs and other types of businesses as well as our group life insurances and other related schemes.

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