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Unit Linked

The savings insurance policy that fits senior and middle management.

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Unit Linked insurances, the key incentive for your employees

VidaCaixa offers this retirement savings tool to engage your senior and middle management. It was created as an efficient loyalty system for employees but is also a complement to pension schemes. You can set up the Unit Linked scheme depending on your organisation’s needs and choose the different investment options that best suit your circumstances. 

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  • The company can change the investment linked to the policy depending on the alternatives available.

  • There’s a broad range of portfolios, from only equity based to the monetary market ones.

  • Unit Linked offers you the option of allocating different amounts depending on each employee, without limit.

  • Decide when and how to transfer the ownership of the funds deposited.


  • The main coverage is savings for retirement or for a certain date.

  • You can contract extra covers for death and/or permanent disability.

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Frequently asked questions about Unit Linked insurances

If you’re not yet sure about which insurance you need or about any other topic, check our FAQs to learn more about the terms, benefits and covers of our products for businesses. Read on so that we can help you choose the best unit-linked insurance for you.

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  • What’s a unit linked insurance policy?

    • It’s an investment! The unit linked policy is a savings or investment insurance where the funds are linked to fixed income and equity. This means you run the risk of an investment downside. It’s name means it’s a product linked to the business unit. Unit linked policies are a life insurance where part of the investment will act as insurance premium and go toward coverage for death, but most of the funds will be used for investment. 

  • What’s the tax treatment for unit linked insurances?

    • It’s similar to other insurances: if you decide to withdraw the return yielded on the investment, you will have to pay Income Tax for it as capital gains. This percentage is usually 19% to 23%. If the holder dies, the beneficiary will have to pay inheritance tax for it.

  • When can I claim a unit linked policy?

    • You can set this up according to the organisation. In other words, the money of a unit linked policy can be claimed under the terms agreed, but it’s usually a year or two after taking out the insurance, although you can also take the money as a life annuity at any time, as it’s a liquid product. This provides additional tax reliefs.

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VidaCaixa offers the easiest and most competitive solution for you to protect your business. With our products you can tackle any contingencies, cover the damages and give your employees the best service. We help you look after your organisation as if it were our own. Learn about our savings and investment schemes for businesses related to guaranteed Unit Linked funds.

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If you’d like to keep up to date about any news that may impact you or your business, keep your eyes peeled because you’ll find everything you need to keep up to date on our blog. VidaCaixa wishes to share its experience with you to help you find the best solution for your future. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to choose the protection that best suits you.