[F32] Canal de denuncias

Whistleblowing Channel

The Whistleblowing Channel is a means of communication that we make available to you to facilitate the confidential and agile communication of irregularities that you may notice in the development of your professional activity and that may involve infractions, including those cases constituting fraud and even criminal offences. This channel is essential for compliance with the Code of Ethics in general and with internal regulations in particular, and therefore plays an active part in VidaCaixa's continuous improvement.

Access the whistleblowing channel: https://silkpro.service-now.com/canal_denuncias

You can file your complaint anonymously.

This Channel has a series of guarantees. These include keeping the identity of the whistleblower confidential, maintaining anonymity by establishing the appropriate IT systems to guarantee the automatic deletion of access to the Whistleblowing Channel and the company code, and the prohibition of reprisals.

The Channel is managed by Regulatory Compliance, although part of the management process, namely the reception and analysis of pre-admissibility, is carried out by external experts, which reinforces the independence, objectivity and respect for the guarantees offered by the Channel.

Remember that you can access the Whistleblowing Channel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and from a corporate or personal device. In addition, the Channel platform allows you to present your complaints in Spanish, Catalan, English and Portuguese.

VidaCaixa thanks you for using this Channel, as it demonstrates your commitment to our values and ethical principles, thereby generating the necessary trust to operate in the market. ‘This trust can only exist if integrity is beyond doubt’.

If you wish to access the enquiries channel, click here.