Pension and social welfare plans

A wide range of possibilities at your disposal, which are adapted to the particular needs of your company.


This is a company social welfare product. There are several types, ranging from the bespoke occupational pension plan, the jointly promoted occupational pension plan: suitable for groups of companies or industries; or the jointly promoted occupational pension plan with a standardised design. They have 24-hour assistance 365 days a year and personalised advice, among other benefits.

The Company Social Welfare Plan is an insurance with a secured return, with a guaranteed interest rate when the benefit becomes payable. Simple and easy to implement, it eliminates the possibility of losses at the time of payment, optimises the tax return on savings and has a guaranteed interest rate.

Residents of the Basque Country have their own specific social welfare plans. A flexible long-term savings product with excellent tax efficiency. It has different models, such as the Occupational pension plan, Jointly promoted occupational pension plan and Jointly promoted occupational pension plan with standardised design, in addition to other benefits such as 24-hour assistance all year round and personalised advice.

Frequently asked questions

It is a document that contains the conditions of the insurance. It comprises, inseparably, the general conditions, the specific conditions and, where applicable, the special conditions and/or the subscription certificates, as well as the supplements that modify or complement the previous ones.

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This is a contract that allows you to insure capital to cover unforeseen situations in the event of death (or disability, if this coverage is included).

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A pension plan is a product that allows you to save comfortably so you can have capital or income when you retire or in the event of disability and, when you die, so your beneficiaries can have it. Pension plans are also currently a product that allow you to maximise savings on your income tax returns.

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To facilitate the assignment of beneficiaries in the event of death, at the time of signing the contract we will provide you with a form where you can specify them. You can change these names as many times as you wish.

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Depending on your age and the capital sum you wish to insure, you will be asked to undergo medical tests, ranging from a brief health questionnaire to a medical examination. If you have to undergo a medical examination, you will be able to do so in reputable centres in your city or province, and always free of charge.

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