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Being protected against situations that will jeopardise the welfare of your workers or your business assets is easy. We offer flexible, competitive products that fit the needs of each business. VidaCaixa provides your business with a team that is fully devoted to ensuring your peace of mind in the event of unexpected situations in your business, and will help pay for the damages caused by accidents or contingencies. From our extensive range of products, choose the solutions that perfectly fit your company and your commitment to your employees with the coverage that best suits your business needs.

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VidaCaixa cares about your business’ future and that’s why we make your life easier by providing competitive tailor-made solutions that guarantee the health of your business. Don't think twice and find out about the products VidaCaixa offers for all types of companies and businesses.

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Find everything you need on our blog. VidaCaixa has over 100 year’s experience and we’d like to help you make the best decision for your needs. We tell you all about our tailor-made solutions for businesses and related news. Don’t miss a thing!

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Why choose VidaCaixa?

Over 100 years experience in retirement

Over a century helping people prepare for their future and retirement, offering them personalised advice.

Leaders in life insurance and pensions

VidaCaixa is the largest insurance entity in Spain and is right at the top the Life Insurance and Pensions rankings.

Committed to our customers

We pay out about 4,000 million euros every year and have become the private entity that most pensions pays out.

Best pensions fund management company

Our 25 globally-renowned awards –including the award for the best pension fund manager– plus our customers’ trust are proof of our successful management.