[F8]Seguro de vida entera


Full life insurance

This insurance offers a lifetime coverage for your employees.

[F8]La tranquilidad de estar protegido con nuestros seguros de vida entera

The reassurance of knowing you’re protected by our full life insurances.

With VidaCaixa’s full life insurance, your employees will be insured in the event of death. This product has been designed for employers who have commitments with their workers and wish to ensure their welfare and peace of mind. Keep your employees protected and get benefits for your company.

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  • It adjusts to each group and business.

  • It provides a solution for international corporations and advice for Spanish companies wishing to insure their branches abroad.

  • Pay a one-off premium if the coverage is immediate or a regular premium if the coverage starts later on.


  • The main cover is death but there’s also a yearly cover for:

  • Any level of permanent disability.

  • Accidental death.

  • Any level of permanent disability caused by accident.

  • Death by road accident.

  • Any level of permanent disability caused by road accident.

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Frequently asked questions about full life insurances

Check our FAQs for more information about our products and other life insurance covers for businesses. VidaCaixa gives you all the information and advice you need to choose the option that best fits your company.

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  • What’s a full life insurance?

    • The full life insurance is a policy for life. It provides stability and peace of mind because the coverage won’t end as long as you pay the premiums. It will always be paid by the insurance company because it has a lifetime coverage. In sum, a life-long policy that guarantees protection and a lifetime coverage.

  • Is the full life insurance permanent?

    • Most full life insurance policies are up to 100 years old, but only if you continue to pay the premiums. The full life insurance will be permanent if that’s what the holder wants and its continuity and coverage will depend on the payment of the premiums.

  • Can the life insurance be paid in full?

    • When an insured survives the policy, the company can pay the total sum in cash to the insured, which in this case will be the amount of the coverage, and then close the policy.

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Portal for Groups

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Log into the platform for participants and insured parties in the products for groups and companies.

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Don’t miss a thing and keep up to date on any industry-related news that may be useful for your company and workers. Our blog shows all the news related to life insurances for businesses and workplace insurances to keep abreast of any changes. VidaCaixa has over a hundred years’ experience and we want to share it with you.