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Social security plans for residents in the Basque Country

Make your savings more profitable for your future

VidaCaixa knows what’s important and that’s why we offer tools to save up for your retirement. VidaCaixa offers specific retirement plans for residents of the Basque Country. Adapted to the investor's age and profile, these tools for retirement savings are a safe and reliable way to prepare for the future and also have significant tax advantages.

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Information on social security plans

In this section you will find the legal information and main characteristics of the pension plans integrated in GeroCaixa, EPSV Individual, available in VidaCaixa.

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Frequently asked questions about the social security plans

Do you want to learn more? Don’t worry, we’ll let you know which is the best social security plan for residents of the Basque Country. Check our FAQs and improve your future and that of your loved ones.

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  • What are the Social security plans for the Basque Country?

    • The social security plans for the Basque Country are a type of additional retirement savings regime that’s independent of the state pension system and they are subject to the Basque Country’s own regulations.

  • What’s better, the EPSV or a pension scheme?

    • The main difference between the Voluntary Retirement Savings Providers (EPSV) and a pension scheme is that the first (ESPV Euskadi) is a product for residents of the Basque Country only, whereas the pension schemes are available to everyone.

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