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Simplified occupational pension plans

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So you can maintain your standard of living in the future too

  • Enable additional savings to be made for retirement for people who are employees, freelancers and self-employed, which will supplement the Social Security pension, and they help to plan saving for retirement

  • It is a social benefit for employees in the businesses covered by the Agreement.

  • They include tax advantages for business and working people

  • The terms and conditions of these plans are included in the Sector Agreements and allow inclusion of freelancers and the self-employed with no employees, who fall within the scope of the agreement and decide to join the simplified occupational pension plan.

  • They improve access to supplementary social welfare systems for freelancers and the self-employed.

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Self-management of the simplified occupational pension plan using our VidaCaixa Aporta+ platform means you can manage procedures whenever you like

Tax benefits

The benefits are for the business, the business’ employees, and freelancers and the self-employed attached to the sector


All the plan’s management, for the participant as well as for the business or employer, is carried out on our VidaCaixa Aporta+ management platform


Information permanently available for the customer 24 hours a day, all year round, using any of the routes provided


The simplified occupational pension plan is managed in a secure environment where every user must be correctly authenticated and can manage their procedures with a high standard of security and confidentiality


Personalised guidance, and with the allocation of an account manager.

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Frequently asked questions about simplified occupational pension plans

Still have doubts about the simplified occupational pension plans? Don't worry, check our FAQs to know everything you need to know about our products and any matters related to simplified occupational pension plans that may affect your company and employees. Clear all your doubts, read on.

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  • What are simplified occupational pension plans?

    • Simplified occupational pension plans are welfare provision products that:

      • Enable compliance with the obligations set by the agreement in your sector and help to plan working people’s saving for retirement.
      • Enable freelancers and the self-employed to have a plan that is specifically for them (PPES ATA)
  • Who can take part in a workplace pension scheme?

    • The participants of a simplified occupational pension plan are natural persons for whom the scheme is set up and for whom the deposits are paid.

  • What type of contributions can be made in a simplified employment pension plan?

    • There are two types of contributions: 

      • Mandatory contributions: those made by the company to its employees 
      • Voluntary contributions: those that can be made by employees (participants). 
  • How much can be paid into an occupational pension plan?

    • The general limit for payments into any social benefit system is €1,500.

      • Regarding employees, this limit can be increased by a further €8,500 (up to a total of €10,000) if the increase comes from company contributions, or contributions from the worker for an amount that is equal to, or less than, the amounts contributed by the company. 
      • And, in the case of freelancers and the self-employed, can be increased the general limit by  €4,250 (up to a total of €5,750) to simplified occupational pension plans.

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