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The reassurance of securing a good deal thanks to the early retirement scheme

VidaCaixa helps you reach agreements in your company with the peace of mind of knowing that you’re agreeing to a good deal. With the early retirement scheme, you can manage the restructuring of your workforce with the support of a consultancy service that will guide you on the best path to reach a deal with your employees. If you’re going to downsize your workforce or wish to make your company younger, we offer a global programme that includes specialised consultancy services and the appraisal of all the elements, paperwork, costs and agreements involved in the process. Fully optimise this process and forget about disputes thanks to the early retirement scheme

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  • This offers a solution to problems that may arise in the negotiations and guarantees the deal between the company and employee during a downsizing.

  • It speeds up the process, allows an efficient management and guides you towards the best path or solution depending on your business situation.

  • It optimises the restructuring costs with competitive interest rates.

  • Solution to the paperwork and agreements involved in the procedure with the Social Security institution.


  • Payment of temporary annuity until retirement.

  • It allows you to take out extra savings covers for death or upon retiring.

  • Consultancy service to the business for the process.

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Frequently asked questions about the annuity scheme for early retirement

Do you have any doubts about the early retirement scheme? Don’t hesitate, check our FAQs for more information about our products and other insurance covers for large enterprises. Find out everything you need to know about the scheme and any information that may affect your business.

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  • What’s an early retirement scheme?

    • An early retirement scheme allows you to manage the needs of an entire group as a whole, by means that make negotiations and deals with employees much easier to reach the best agreement.

  • What’s the minimum age for early retirement?

    • You can access voluntary early retirement up to 24 months before the established legal retirement age. This means that a 63-year old worker can voluntary apply for early retirement if they have contributed to the Social Security institution for at least 37 years and 9 months.

  • What’s the difference between early retirement and retirement?

    • Retirement means the worker has become unemployed. Early retirement means the worker starts receiving their retirement pension before the established age.

  • How much do I lose if I retire at 63?

    • You will lose part of your pension. If you retire at 63, you’ll lose a proportional percentage of your pension. If you’ve contributed to the Social Security institution for 38 years and 6 months, your pension will be cut from 21% to 5.87%. If you’ve contributed to the Social Security institution between 38 years and 6 months and 41 years and 6 months: your pension will be cut from 19% to 5.60%.

  • Who is entitled to early retirement?

    • All workers and professionals who can prove that they have contributed to the Social Security institution for at least 37 years and nine months can take early retirement. Although the established age of early retirement is 65, if these conditions are proved, you can retire as early as 61. For 2023, if you haven’t yet contributed for 37 years and nine months, then the earliest you can retire is when you turn 66 years and 4 months. The default retirement age will go increasing year over year until 2027 when it will be 67.

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Portal for Groups

Log into the Portal for Groups where you can manage every product you’ve contracted for or through your company.




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Products related to early retirement schemes

VidaCaixa makes your life easier, helping you tackle any business situation. We offer you simple and competitive solutions that are the best choice to protect your business and your employees against contingencies and cover any possible damages. Learn about the products related to the early retirement scheme for businesses.

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Keep up to date and find everything you need to know on our blog. We have over a century’s experience and VidaCaixa wants to help you make the best decisions regarding your business savings scheme. That’s why we share with you all the information, for you to make a decision that fits your needs perfectly. Don’t miss a thing!