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VidaCaixa has the expertise to offer the best tailor-made solutions that will fit your business perfectly and guarantee its duties towards its workers. Also, you will have the support of a team of persons who are fully devoted to making your life much easier.


We want you to see our commitment first-hand and that’s why we share with you VidaCaixa’s success stories where we’ve only changed a few details for confidentiality reasons.

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Read VidaCaixa’s success story about deferred income for a company from the energy industry. 


Large and medium


Pharmaceutical lab





  • The company had promised the management team a retirement savings system regardless of each executive’s profile.


  • The age range of these executives was too wide so it was hard to contract a single product.


  • We offered them the chance to contract two products for all executives that would make up for the different levels of risk aversion among the management team.  
  • On the one hand, we designed a Unit-Linked plan with a basket largely invested in equity. 
  • On the other hand, we designed a policy with an investment under a matching strategy. In other words, we sought a financial structure that offered a fixed-interest rate for the operation.  

[F11] Why VidaCaixa

Why choose VidaCaixa?

Over 100 years experience in retirement

Over a century helping people prepare for their future and retirement, offering them personalised advice.

Leaders in life insurance and pensions

VidaCaixa is the largest insurance entity in Spain and is right at the top the Life Insurance and Pensions rankings.

Committed to our customers

We pay out about 4,000 million euros every year and have become the private entity that most pensions pays out.

Best pensions fund management company

Our 25 globally-renowned awards –including the award for the best pension fund manager– plus our customers’ trust are proof of our successful management.