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[F13] Case: Unit linked group and deferred capital

Case: Unit linked group and deferred capital / medium and large companies

[F32][Business] Adaptive solutions - Case: Unit linked group and deferred capital / medium and large companies

Company: Large and medium

Sector: Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Employees: 800

Situation: The company had agreed with the management team to establish a pension scheme, regardless of the individual characteristics of each of the individuals who formed this team.

Problem: The range of ages within the team varied greatly, making the decision as to which product to choose extremely difficult.

Solution: The possibility of contracting two products for all the managers was put forward, which complemented the different propensities to take risks of the individuals that made up the group. On the one hand, a unit linked plan was established, with a portfolio linked to investments with a high percentage of variable income. On the other hand, a plan was designed whose investment used matching, i.e. that its financial structure offered a fixed interest rate.

"The solutions here described correspond to real cases presented to VidaCaixa, with certain details that have been altered to protect the confidentiality of our clients and their business. They are given merely as a general guide and are not necessarily applicable in similar cases."

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