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We offer you a set of flexible solutions for saving and welfare, ideal for building loyalty and motivating your employees.

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The unit linked collective policy: SegurFon Caixa Company complements pension plans and is aimed at savings for executives and middle managers. With this insurance the company can change the policy's investment to obtain a higher return, it has a wide variety of portfolios, different amounts can be assigned for each employee and they have the ability to decide when and how to receive the savings. It also has cover in the event of death and it is possible to take out other permanent disability cover.

VidaCaixa Social Welfare deferred capital insurance policy is designed for companies to provide a compensation package for their employees, associated with retirement. The main cover of this product is savings for retirement or for a specific date. It is also possible to take out additional cover for benefits in the event of death and/or permanent disability.

For companies that want to pay an income to their employees at the time of retirement. Deferred-income insurance allows you to obtain different types of income, take out supplementary death and disability cover while you are working or achieve flexibility in payment, depending on the company.

VidaCaixa has a long history and extensive experience in company restructuring processes. VidaCaixa Social Welfare provides specialist advice to evaluate allowances and costs, handles the processing of unemployment and also the special Social Security agreement. In the case of staff adjustments, it allows you to achieve the least traumatic solution possible. The company, for its part, can optimise restructuring costs with competitive interest rates.

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Frequently asked questions

It is a document that contains the conditions of the insurance. It comprises, inseparably, the general conditions, the specific conditions and, where applicable, the special conditions and/or the subscription certificates, as well as the supplements that modify or complement the previous ones.

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This is a contract that allows you to insure capital to cover unforeseen situations in the event of death (or disability, if this coverage is included).

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A pension plan is a product that allows you to save comfortably so you can have capital or income when you retire or in the event of disability and, when you die, so your beneficiaries can have it. Pension plans are also currently a product that allow you to maximise savings on your income tax returns.

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Life insurance is an immediate, easy and affordable way to guarantee future financial security for people close to us who are financially dependent upon our income.

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To facilitate the assignment of beneficiaries in the event of death, at the time of signing the contract we will provide you with a form where you can specify them. You can change these names as many times as you wish.

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We have been helping people prepare for their retirement and offering personalised advice for over 100 years.

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