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VidaCaixa makes it easier to protect your company, for you to run your business without worries. We offer flexible and competitive solutions for small and large enterprises that will help you face contingencies and protect your assets and workers. With our savings schemes for businesses, you can protect your business against contingencies, financial loss, accidents and other workplace incidents. Choose the business savings scheme that best suits you and engage and gain the loyalty of your workers. 

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Beneficios del plan de ahorro empresarial

Benefits of the business savings scheme

Peace of Mind

Optimise costs and receive advice from experts so that you won’t have to worry about anything.

Tailored to you

Choose the coverage that best fits the needs of your business and employees with the coverage and payments that best suit you.


Enjoy different services and a variety of portfolios for each employee.

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Frequently asked questions about the business savings scheme

Check our FAQs to learn everything you need to know about the savings scheme for businesses or the insurance covers for large corporations. Let us know any doubts you may have, we’ll help you make the best decision for your organisation.

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  • What’s a business savings scheme?

    • These are workplace pension schemes or another type of savings products that can be set up by the company voluntarily and are proof of its commitment to the workers, guaranteeing the company’s corporate social responsibility.

  • How to set up a business savings scheme?

    • VidaCaixa has different products to set up a business savings scheme. We give you advice to choose the one that best fits your needs.

  • What are the benefits of the savings schemes for businesses?

    • The savings schemes for businesses provide an alternative retribution to the workers’ payroll. It has a series of conditions and tax reliefs for companies, as it’s a deductible expense on the corporation tax, but also for employees, as 30% of what they receive is tax-free on the Income Tax. They are not an immediate retribution as they are usually paid out after a certain period of time. 

  • Which are the collective savings products for businesses?

    • It all depends on the needs of each business, but there are many types of products. Some companies decide to make deposits for their workers, while others use a mixed system.  But, in general terms, we can divide the types of collective savings products into workplace pension schemes, aimed at large enterprises, and business savings schemes that are far more flexible and allow the company to determine the employees who are eligible for the retribution without having to include the entire staff.

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Portal for Groups

Log into the Portal for Groups where you can manage every product you’ve contracted for or through your company.




Log into the platform for participants and insured parties in the products for groups and companies.

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VidaCaixa cares as much as you do about your and your company’s future. We make it easy for you with competitive solutions that guarantee the health of your business. Learn about the products related to the savings schemes for businesses.

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Keep up to date and find everything you need to know on our blog. We have over a century’s experience and VidaCaixa wants to help you make the best decisions regarding your business savings scheme. That’s why we share with you all the information, for you to make a decision that fits your needs perfectly. Don’t miss a thing!

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