EPSV EMPRESAS - Planes de previsión social para empresas del País Vasco

Retirement savings scheme for businesses in the Basque Country

VidaCaixa knows how important it is to keep the commitment to protect your business and employees. That’s why we offer retirement savings schemes for businesses in the Basque Country, for an additional employment benefit that will provide tax benefits and a guaranteed return, as well as flexibility. With the workplace pension schemes, you can tailor solutions to your employees. 



The retirement savings scheme for residents of the Basque Country is a very flexible long-term savings product that’s made specially for people who live in that region. It offers employers the chance to improve workers’ employment conditions and are instruments that are strictly regulated by the Spanish law. They are subject to controls and reporting duties to make sure participants and beneficiaries are familiar with their rights, the return and any changes that affect the scheme.  In a retirement savings scheme (EPSV), the sponsor will be the company.

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  • There are different types of schemes:

  • Workplace retirement savings scheme: a new scheme is made to measure based on the company’s commitment.

  • Joint promotion workplace retirement savings scheme: this is part of an existing scheme. It’s a convenient solution for smaller undertakings, company groups or industry groups.

  • Joint promotion workplace retirement savings scheme with a standard structure.

  • You have easy access to information through the channels available 24 hours a day, all year round.

  • You’ll have personalised advice and a designated manager.

  • Flexibility in making voluntary deposits if the plan allows it, to optimise the financial return and tax benefits.


  • The covers established in the EPSV scheme may be covers linked to total permanent disability for a specific occupation or for all types of work, severe disability, retirement, dependency or severe dependency and death.

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Information on social security plans

In this section you will find the legal information and main characteristics of the pension plans integrated in GeroCaixa, EPSV Individual, available in VidaCaixa.



Frequently asked questions about EPSV businesses.

If you’re still wondering what to do and would like to know more about the retirement savings schemes for residents of the Basque Country, check our FAQs to clear all your doubts. Learn everything you need to know about our products and any matters related to EPSVs that may affect your company and employees. Clear all your doubts, read on.

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  • What’s an EPSV scheme for businesses?

    • This Spanish acronym EPSV stands for: Voluntary Retirement Savings Providers (Entidades de Previsión Social Voluntaria). These are alternative workplace pension schemes made for businesses and workers in the Basque Country. They are regulated and overseen by the Basque Government and are audited every year by independent professionals. The main purpose is to pay an additional pension besides the one paid by the Social Security institution.

  • How much can one deposit into an EPSV scheme?

    • The cap on employees’ deposits is €5,000 while businesses can deposit up to €8,000.00, but they can’t exceed €12,000.00 altogether.

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Portal for Groups

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Log into the platform for participants and insured parties in the products for groups and companies.

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VidaCaixa wishes to offer you the best solution to protect your business and employees, that’s why we make it easy for you to find the product that fits what you need. We have the expertise and resources required to find you the best solution with our retirement savings schemes for residents of the Basque Country, as well as other related products.

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