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About us

VidaCaixa has over a hundred years’ experience in the insurance industry with a firm commitment to people. We have earned our place as leaders in Spain through quality and our customers’ trust. Our entity is part of CaixaBank and also has 49.92% of SegurCaixa Adeslas and is the sole owner of BPI Vida e Pensões, Bankia Mediación and Sa Nostra.

Our identity is built on our social commitment, and our essence is the reliability and quality of our products. VidaCaixa has a very specific way of understanding the insurance industry, having a differential business model that works to guarantee a better future.  We show the same commitment to our shareholders and customers as we do to employees and suppliers and society in general.




VidaCaixa’s corporate culture is an added value that inspires us to create bonds of trust. We believe in standing by people and we defend transparency in adapting to each situation.  

Our raison d’être and purpose is our commitment to people and their future. We’re at the disposal of our customers, supplying the best tools and advice to make decisions, develop habits for their financial health and expenditure planning, whilst also guaranteeing their purchase power during retirement and providing the protection they need for their families.  

We make dreams and life projects come true, but above all, we pursue our social commitment through big gestures, such as analysing 100% of assets with environmental, social and good governance criteria. This effort has earned us the highest recognition from the UN for our responsible investment management. 

VidaCaixa’s values are the entity’s fundamental cornerstone. 

  • Quality: Alongside an efficient management, we firmly believe in keeping a close omnichannel relationship. Innovation in savings products, the pursuit of technological excellence and automation, and the development and leadership of our professionals form our backbone. 
  • Trust: The key to our customer relations. We focus on advising customers ensuring transparency in our work, with principles of responsibility in each of our products and investments. 
  • Social commitment: The entity’s commitment to society as a whole is embedded in our DNA. Efficiently and cautiously channeling savings and funding while guaranteeing an efficient and secure payment system. We also work on this by promoting inclusion and financial education, environmental sustainability, supporting diversity, through housing grants programmes or encouraging corporate volunteering.