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Coverage for your employees

Pensado para tu empresa y tus empleados

We offer a set of solutions to help you deal with unforeseen events.

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Annual renewable term insurance

  • Term insurance allows employees to benefit from cover for more than one year, with the greatest advantages. This solution is adapted to each group, has 24-hour cover 365 days a year and premium payments can be one-off or periodic. It covers death but can be extended to include permanent disability in all its degrees or death by accident, among other circumstances.

  • Se adapta a cada colectivo.

  • Cuenta con cobertura 24 horas los 365 días del año.

  • Los pagos pueden ser únicos o periódicos.

  • Cobertura por fallecimiento y ampliable a incapacidad permanente.

Whole Life Insurance

  • Whole Life Insurance allows you to secure lifetime cover for employees. It is aimed at groups and organisations with social welfare commitments for their employees. This insurance is suitable for any group, provides advice for Spanish companies abroad and provides cover 24 hours a day, all year round and for life. It mainly covers death but can also be extended to other circumstances such as permanent disability or traffic accident death.

  • Cuenta con asesoramiento a empresas españolas en el extranjero.

  • Cobertura 24 horas, todo el año y de forma vitalicia.

  • La principal cobertura es por fallecimiento pero se puede ampliar a otros supuestos.

Group accident insurance

  • Annual renewable term insurance of capital sums for accidents allows you to offer your employees extensive cover for the possible consequences of an accident. Cover can be 24 hours a day for 365 days or only during working hours. It is also possible to arrange a capital sum if after an accident there is partial permanent disability and additional health care can also be arranged.

  • Cobertura durante 24 horas, todo el año o durante la jornada laboral.

  • Con la posibilidad de contratar un capital si tras un accidente hay incapacidad. permanente parcial.

  • También permite contratar asistencia sanitaria adicional en caso de accidente.

Beneficios Seguros Colectivos



Employee protection and loyalty

Policies to take care of your employees and gain their loyalty.


Choose the covers and capital sums that suit your business needs.

Tax benefits

They count as deductible expenses for the company.

Extra coverage

They have death coverage too.

Incentives for future employees

This can be an appeal for future recruits.

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Frequently asked questions about workplace insurances

Do you have any doubts about the benefits your company can enjoy through workplace insurances? Or are you not yet sure about what’s the best workplace insurance for you? Don’t worry, check our FAQs for more information about the terms and benefits of our products for businesses. Read on and we’ll help you choose the option that best suits your business and employees.

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  • What are workplace insurances?

    • These are different types of insurance for employees that will guarantee financial support for workers and their families and protect them in the event of death or different levels of disability caused by an accident or illness. Workplace insurances help you cover your duties towards your workers laid down in the collective bargaining agreements of your company or in individual agreements.

  • What workplace insurances does VidaCaixa offer?

    • With VidaCaixa Empleados you can improve the terms of the industry collective bargaining agreement for all your employees or only a few of them. All this with the flexibility of this insurance, as you can insure different capital sums and covers per insured. VidaCaixa’s products include our renewable one-year insurance, the full life insurance, the temporary life insurance and the workplace insurance.

  • How does a workplace insurance work?

    • With workplace insurances, you can include all or part of your staff with the possibility of personalising each one. These workplace insurances will gain the loyalty of your employees, as it improves the company’s social benefits. You can also take it out as complement to our collective bargaining agreement insurance (Seguro VidaCaixa Convenios), if that’s what you need. The premium paid is a deductible expense on the corporate tax and we make it easier by adjusting the premium payment to your income inflow. You can pay yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, two-monthly or monthly.

  • What does a workplace insurance cover?

    • The coverage of a workplace insurance goes from death to permanent or total or permanent disability, total permanent disability, severe disability and partial permanent disability.

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Portal for Groups

Log into the Portal for Groups where you can manage every product you’ve contracted for or through your company.




Log into the platform for participants and insured parties in the products for groups and companies.


VidaCaixa offers you the best and most competitive solution to take care of your employees and protect your business. We help you tackle any situations or contingencies, cover the damages and give your employees the best service. Learn about our savings and investment schemes and other related products.

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Discover all the latest news and keep up to date on anything that could affect your business or workers. Don’t miss a thing on our blog and find what you need to be up to date. VidaCaixa wishes to share its experience with you and provide you with the best solution for your future and that of you organisation. Check the information and choose the protection that best fits you through our workplace insurances.