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Deferred income insurance

A flexible policy to pay your employees a deferred income when they retire.

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Deferred income, a guarantee of your company’s promise

If your company is considering paying an income to its employees when they retire, VidaCaixa has a flexible policy that will guarantee your promise to your employees. We offer our income insurance that adjusts to each company’s needs with a customised setup that’s perfect for employees.

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  • You can set up different types of incomes, including those that are reversible for widows/widowers and orphans.

  • You can also take out extra cover for death or disability during the deferment period as long as the employee remains in service.

  • Flexible payments of the income insured that adapt to your business needs.

  • We can study a tailored technical interest rate to fit your operation.


  • The main coverage is the insured’s retirement. Alternatively,you can add the following covers:

  • Reversal of the retirement or disability income for widows/widowers and orphans.

  • Permanent disability income regardless of the level of disability.

  • Income for widows/widowers and orphans of the employee in service.

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Frequently asked questions about deferred income

If you have any doubts about the deferred income insurance, check our FAQs for more information about our products. Learn everything you need to know about our insurances for large enterprises.

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  • What’s the deferred income?

    • Las rentas diferidas son aquellas que se valoran con anterioridad a su origen. El tiempo que transcurre entre el origen de la renta y el momento de valoración se denomina período de diferimiento de la renta. Y el ingreso de la renta, que se realizará en una fecha futura, permite el diferimiento del impuesto, con lo que el valor inicial o actual de una renta diferida se calcula antes del inicio del primer término, es decir, antes de hacerse efectiva. Deferred income insurances are those where the insurer agrees, at the end of the deferment period, to pay the insured a constant and regular income for life.

  • What’s an income insurance?

    • This type of insurance guarantees a regular income during a specific or indefinite period of time in exchange for paying a premium. This insurance has a far higher return than others. Payments depend on different factors, like the insured’s age and health condition. For this reason, income insurance is suitable for older people with a certain risk profile and are usually taken out to make the most of their savings until their death.

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VidaCaixa cares about your business’ future and that’s why we make your life easier by providing competitive tailor-made solutions that guarantee the health of your business. Don't think twice and find out about the products we offer for all types of companies and businesses.

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