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VidaCaixa has the expertise to offer the best tailor-made solutions that will fit your business perfectly and guarantee its safety. Also, with our products you will have the support of a team of persons who are fully devoted to making your life much easier. We want you to see our commitment first-hand and that’s why we share with you our real success stories where we’ve only changed a few details for confidentiality reasons.

Datos Caso riesgo y plan de pensiones


Learn about VidaCaixa’s success story about its risk cover insurance and pension scheme for a multinational corporation in the food industry.


Foreign multinational corporation




10,000 employees spread across 12 subsidiaries



  • Each of the corporation’s subsidiaries has its own collective bargaining agreement with different risk covers and guarantees.  
  • Some of the subsidiaries have hiring surges given the product seasonality.  
  • The parent company has foreseen savings guarantees for its retirement savings system.  



  • The seasonal nature of its products means that the company has a high employee turnover rate with the resulting complexities of managing new recruitments and people leaving the company, which is a problem for the risk cover policies. 
  • Having agreed to promote a pension scheme, some of the executives were granted sums above the legal ceiling.  



  • We standardised the policy model that provides coverage for all collective bargaining agreements and agreed a management protocol, to be revised once a year, to establish a number of insured parties per subsidiary with variations agreed to make their administration simpler.
  • VidaCaixa designed a tailor-made excess liability policy that reproduced the conditions and coverage of the workplace pension plan, into which they also deposited the amounts that could not be deposited to said scheme.  

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