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Life annuity

Receive an annuity for the rest of your life

VidaCaixa can stand by you all your life, you decide until when. With our life annuity products, you can have a monthly income for life, with an attractive return and tax benefits that are far higher than other alternatives. Make the most of your savings and protect yourself against contingencies. 

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Benefits of setting up a life annuity scheme

Peace of Mind

You’ll have a monthly income for life, without worrying about market trends.

For your loved ones

Depending on the contracted income, you will be able to insure the capital for your family.

With two holders

Set up our life annuity scheme for you and whoever you choose. You’ll both have a guaranteed monthly income until you both die.

You decide how

Depending on the contracted income, you will be able to increase the monthly income depending on your needs

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Frequently asked questions about the life annuity

VidaCaixa offers you the best solution and schemes with many benefits, like our life annuity schemes, but if you’ve still got doubts, check our FAQs about all our products and services. Read on to learn more and improve your future standard of living. Find the solution that best suits you!

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  • What are life annuities?

    • The life annuity is a life and savings insurance that will provide you with a regular income for life. This is a savings product that allows you to receive a fixed amount of money until you die. A life annuity is a type of insurance that will guarantee constant income from the first deposit made. This makes it the best solution for people who are close to retiring.

  • How much do I need for a life annuity?

    • It depends on each entity! The most important requirement to set up a life annuity is to make a first deposit, the amount can vary. In our case, for your welfare and quality of life, you can set up a life annuity by making a single minimum deposit of €20,000. Other requirements are having paid contributions to the Social Security institution for at least 750 weeks or be 60 to 65 years old.

  • What are the benefits of life annuities?

    • They are tax-free for people over 65. So, depending on the holder’s age and the percentage, tax reliefs can be 60% for under 40s or up to 92% for people over 70.

  • How long does the life annuity last?

    • The life annuity ends once the holder dies or when the beneficiaries entitled to receive the life annuity die.  

  • Where does the money of the life annuity go if I die?

    • This will depend on the type of life annuity you chose. It may be that your beneficiaries are not allowed to claim the funds deposited or that the funds decrease after your death. You must check the terms and conditions of each portfolio.

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VidaCaixa has simple and safe solutions that adapt to you and your loved ones, to help meet your needs and future goals. Here are the products and services that, along with our life annuities, can be combined to match your priorities and goals.

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