[F32] Normas de participación en RRSS

Rules of participation

Thank you for being part of the VidaCaixa community.

VidaCaixa is present on the social media channels to offer users a space in which to comment and to share information about its activities, products, services and issues relating to saving, wellbeing and quality of life. VidaCaixa believes in the freedom of expression and has designed the social media channels to be a space where information can be exchanged and a point of contact with users, despite some opinions not reflecting those of VidaCaixa.


On interacting with VidaCaixa or being a member of its social platforms, the user accepts that they will be bound by these social media terms of use, as well as by any other applicable policies published by VidaCaixa and its profiles. VidaCaixa may, at its discretion, publish terms of use and/or user content and these will be applied when using the social platforms, without prejudice to the policies established by each social network.


To guarantee that all users feel comfortable in the social media and that they operate as a space for sharing opinions and where user rights are respected, VidaCaixa would like to share the following fundamental rules of conduct:

  • Appropriate language must be used, avoiding personal attacks, negative comments, insults, rude language or terms that may disrespect those who are part of the VidaCaixa community, the company itself or its employees. 
  • The person making the comment will be solely responsible for its content, as well as for any statements or opinions given.
  • It is forbidden to make comments that contain content that is racist, sexist or obscene or to publish text or images with content that is illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, racist, xenophobic or includes falsehoods. In general, no content is permitted that may be illegal, offensive and/or harm the image of VidaCaixa or its employees, or that of third parties, and/or that may entail a violation of their rights. This requirement will be especially considered in those publications of VidaCaixa employees and whose content is not related to what is exposed in comments. In these cases, please contact customer service at https://www.vidacaixa.es/en/contact. 
  • You must not include content that may promote or advertise products of services provided by the user or third parties, as well as messages that may be considered to be “spam”.
  • You must respect the industrial and/or intellectual property rights of third parties when including elements such as brands, photographs, text, videos or links.
  • Avoid sharing private information or personal data on the wall of any social media channel. To prevent the disclosure of personal information and to facilitate a response, the best channel for contacting VidaCaixa is by private message. For more information on how VidaCaixa acts, please see the legal notice.
  • VidaCaixa is not responsible for the opinions, statements or comments of users and these do not necessarily represent the opinion of VidaCaixa. 

In addition, any content published must comply with the policies and terms of use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and the corresponding social media channel.

If a user does not feel comfortable with the uses or comments of another user that violate these terms, they can notify this to VidaCaixa or even report it to the social media channel in question.

If any user wishes to cease forming part of the community, they may press the “unlike” or “stop following” buttons. While the reasons to stop following the profile are personal, VidaCaixa will accept the notification of these in order to improve its social media activity.

If a user in the VidaCaixa community, or one who interacts with VidaCaixa, its employees or its followers through the company's publications breaches the rules of conduct established here:

  • VidaCaixa reserves the right to erase, block, cancel, suspend or not approve any content that may go against this policy.
  • VidaCaixa reserves the right to stop the user from accessing its community.
  • VidaCaixa reserves the right to modify this Policy and its rules at any time and without prior notice, as well as to temporarily or permanently suspend this service.