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Temporary life insurance

 The temporary life insurance that protects the financial situation of your workers and their families in the event of an accident.

[F8]Seguros temporales de vida, la tranquilidad de estar protegido

Temporary life insurances, the reassurance of knowing you’re protected

With VidaCaixa’s temporary life insurance your employees and their family members will be protected in the event of the insured’s death, serious illness or temporary disability. This product is to guarantee the welfare and peace of mind of critical persons in your business and their families. It’s especially thought for employees who depend on collective bargaining agreements, as well as special commitments between senior management and companies. The benefits received in these cases may be contracted as a capital sum or an annuity.

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  • The temporary life insurance policy adjusts to the size of each group.

  • Each year’s premium will benefit of a low claim rate, depending on the total amount of insured parties.

  • The insurance may be taken out as a capital sum or annuity.

  • There’s the option of taking out cover for serious illness to make sure your family receives compensation.

  • Partial permanent disability caused by an accident may also be covered with a capital sum by adding this cover to the policy.


  • The main coverage is death. Alternatively, you can take out extra covers with yearly protection against the following risks:

  • Any level of permanent disability.

  • Accidental death.

  • Any level of permanent disability caused by accident.

  • Death by road accident.

  • Any level of permanent disability caused by road accident.

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Frequently asked questions about temporary life insurances

Are you still unsure about taking out a temporary life insurance? Check our FAQs for more information about our products and other life insurance covers for businesses. We give you advice to choose the option that best fits your employees and their families.

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  • What’s a temporary life insurance?

    • This is a life insurance policy for which the insured party agrees to pay a small premium to ensure their family will receive money from the company. The money will be paid out if the insured dies or suffers a serious illness or permanent disability caused by an accident.

  • Why is it a temporary life insurance?

    • VidaCaixa makes your life easier by offering a temporary life insurance that protects you and your family for a certain time. The risk coverage applies as long as the policy remains in force. This means that the insured can take out these policies as and when they need it.

  • Which other solutions does this temporary life insurance offer?

    • VidaCaixa’s temporary life insurance also offers local insurance solutions to international corporations and advice to Spanish companies who wish to insure their branches abroad (Swiss Life Network). The policy perfectly adapts to all types of groups and offers a wide range of extra covers for the different types of risks (e.g. accidental death or a road accident).

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Products related to temporary life insurances.

Safety and reassurance at the workplace are essential. VidaCaixa gives you advice and helps you choose the best option to tackle any business contingencies. We offer simple yet competitive solutions to protect your employee’s and their family’s finances. Learn about the products related to the renewable temporary life insurance. We look after your business.

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Learn all the latest news in the industry and keep up to date on all the news that may affect your business and employees. Our blog shows everything related to life insurances for businesses, workplace insurances and temporary insurances, to keep abreast of any changes. VidaCaixa wishes to share with you our experience and advice.