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Mixed-income pensions schemems

Make the most of your savings.

VidaCaixa’s mixed pension schemes combine fixed-income pension schemes and equity pension schemes. They've been created to offer a greater return and savings in the long term, but without promotions. Check our products to find an easy and transparent way to invest your savings and improve your standard of living with important tax benefits in the Income Tax Return. We guide you during your first steps towards your future, to help you build a nice nest egg for your future.

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Make a return on your savings with our mixed-income schemes

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Benefits of the mixed income schemes

High return

Get a good return on your savings without taking too many risks. Your diversified portfolio manages to cushion fluctuations in the stock exchange and combines fixed income with equity.

Tax benefits

Make the most of the tax reliefs that come with a mixed pension scheme as it’s the only financial product that is eligible for income tax relief.

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Do you have any doubts about mixed-income pension schemes? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all you need to know to make the choice that improves your and your loved ones’ future. Check our FAQs, improve your future standard of living and find the solution you’re looking for to achieve your goals.

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  • What’s a mixed pension scheme?

    • A mixed pension scheme is a product that combines different investment strategies to find a balance between return and safety. Investments are made in both fixed-income assets and equity.

  • How do mixed-income pension schemes work?

    • Mixed-income pension schemes are similar to other types of pension schemes, but in the mixed case, they combine different investment strategies: fixed-income and equity.

  • Which risks am I exposed to by investing in mixed pension schemes?

    • The same as with any other financial product, mixed pension schemes also have their own risks. The positive side is that depending on the investor risk profile, you can shift the percentage of investment towards safer or riskier assets.

  • At what age should I set up a mixed-income pension scheme?

    • These mixed pension schemes are recommended for people aged 40 to 50. The percentage of investment in equity will be larger or smaller depending on the years left until your retirement.

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VidaCaixa has so much to offer you. We have simple and safe solutions that adapt to you and your loved ones, to help you build a better future. Here are the products that, along with our mixed pension schemes, can be combined to match your needs.

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