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Equity pensions schemes

Save in a convenient and effortless way

Find the long-term return your savings need and make the most of your future. Our equity pension schemes work with debt issued by corporations listed on the main stock exchanges to boost the potential of your savings when your retirement is still far away. Simple and transparent, you can view how your investment progresses in real time. Also, our schemes can be the best option to invest and also benefit from tax reliefs in the Income Tax Return. 

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Benefits of setting up an equity pension scheme

Higher long-term return

For people who have an appetite for risk. For investors with an aggressive profile looking for a higher long-term return.


Easy schemes with real-time tracking, you’ll be able to know how your investment is doing at any time.

Diversified investment

Equity pension schemes work with different companies listed on the main markets.

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Frequently asked questions about equity pension schemes

If you’re thinking about setting up one of these equity pension schemes but still have doubts, don’t worry! We’ll tell you all you need to know about our products and services to make a return on your savings and change your future or that of your loved ones. Check our FAQs for more information.

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  • What’s an equity pension scheme?

    • Long-term investment where the recovery of the amount invested or its return are not fully guaranteed. It means investing in stock from listed companies. The return is higher than with fixed-income pension schemes but the risk is far higher. This type of investment is for investors with an aggressive profile. 

  • What are the benefits of the equity pension scheme?

  • When is it advisable to set up an equity pension scheme?

    • These equity pension schemes are for a younger profile, under 50s, who are yet far from taking their savings and have longer to make a return on them. For those people who are far from retiring, to make sure their investment will make a good return in the long run.

  • Why is it a good idea to invest in equity?

    • Investments in equity are a good idea when you’ve got a long-term goal. This is why they are for younger people who are still far from their retirement. Stock performance is far better than other financial products but also entails a greater risk.

  • What are equity products?

    • This type of schemes invests in funds and stock markets subject to market fluctuations. An example of equity investments is stocks, shares in investment funds or bonds.

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VidaCaixa has lots to offer you. We provide you with solutions that fit your age and investor profile. With us, you’ll make a return on your savings easily and transparently besides enjoying significant tax reliefs through our products and services. Here you’ll find the one that best suits you along with our pension schemes to improve your future.

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