¿Qué puede hacer un autónomo para mejorar su pensión de jubilación? - Navegación producto

¿Qué puede hacer un autónomo para mejorar su pensión de jubilación?

How can the self-employed improve their retirement?

If you're self-employed and you’re looking into your options, don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to improve your retirement prospects. Because the self-employed also have special options to improve their pension through our pension schemes for the self-employed. 

In the self-employed market it seems hard to understand the advantages or benefits of being self-employed, but things are easier and, fortunately, there are options to secure the financial future of all workers. By setting up a retirement scheme for the self-employed, you can benefit from the flexibility in terms of the deposits paid, diversification and family protection. 

Pension schemes for the self-employed: Are the self-employed entitled to a retirement pension?

The right to a retirement pension is clearly a major concern among the self-employed and it all depends on the amount they contribute to the Social Security institution to calculate their future pension. The situation has changed as, until last year, the self-employed could choose the amount they contributed to the Social Security institution regardless of their earnings, but since 2023, the self-employed have to pay contributions based on their income. Generally, the self-employed pay contributions for the minimum base, that is €950.98 per month. 

Therefore, the self-employed are indeed entitled to a retirement pension but since the last pension reform, the retirement age for the self-employed has changed, as well as other matters, like the measures to encourage active retirement among the self-employed. 

Despite having state-paid pensions, the self-employed are the ones to receive the least benefits. This is why retirement schemes and insurances are a good savings and investment tool for the future of this group of workers when they seek financial security for their retirement.

This way, self-employed persons can improve their retirement through pension schemes for the self-employed where the aggregate deposits can’t exceed €1,500. Unlike salaried employees, the self-employed can add another €4,250 when the pension schemes are promoted by professional associations for the self-employed.

Benefits of pension schemes for the self-employed 

  • Flexible deposits. If you’re self-employed and you’ve set up a retirement scheme, you can pay deposits according to your preferences and needs. So short-term savings can be better adapted to your needs. 
  • Diversification. Retirement schemes offer a great range of investments for you to distribute the risks across different areas. This means you can protect the amount invested by not exposing it to a sole investment product.
  • Family protection. These schemes often offer extra benefits, like appointing beneficiaries in the event of death. With this, as the policyholder, you make sure your family and beneficiaries will be financially protected against contingencies.
  • Long-term savings plan. The simplified workplace pension scheme called Plan de Pensiones de Empleo Simplificado ATA is the first pension scheme designed exclusively for freelancers or the self-employed.


¿Qué puede hacer un autónomo para mejorar su pensión de jubilación? - Productos relacionados

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  • How can the self-employed improve their retirement?

    • From the moment they start working, most of the self-employed, about 60%, contribute the minimum fee to the Social Security institution, which means all their benefits will also be the minimum amount offered by this institution. In this case, the self-employed have two alternatives to the standard retirement: one option that is still largely unknown to the self-employed but has recently been reformed and improved. Or an active retirement, to which no more than 40,000 self-employed persons have subscribed, but would allow them to combine the benefit with the business income. Setting up a simplified workplace pension scheme and guaranteeing a good nest egg for the future, as we offer at VidaCaixa, is one of the best ways to ensure a good retirement for the self-employed.

  • Which retirement should you choose if you’ve worked as both self-employed and a salaried employee?

    • A worker who’s contributed to the Special System for the Self-employed (RETA) for eight years and then another 16 years as a salaried employee, will be entitled to a retirement pension from the general system that will take into account the 24 years they contributed and not only the 16 years contributed under the general system.
      Likewise, a worker who has worked for 10 years as a salaried employee and then become self-employed and worked for another 12 years will be entitled to a pension from the Special Regime for the Self-employed, which will take into account the contributions for all 22 years.

  • How much can the self-employed pay into a pension scheme?

    • The deposits allowed for pension schemes vary depending on whether the holder is self-employed or a freelancer. In this case, they have been limited since the Spanish Law 12/2022 came into effect to boost workplace pension schemes. Therefore, self-employed can deposit up to €1,500. However, unlike salaried employees, they can add another €4,250 into specific simplified workplace pension schemes for the self-employed.

  • What’s a simplified workplace pension scheme?

    • Simplified workplace pension schemes are those promoted by companies that are part of industry-based collective bargaining agreements and arrange pension commitments for their workers. There are also products for the self-employed, like for instance VidaCaixa’s ATA and other similar pension schemes for the public sector.

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