[F8] Gobierno corporativo - Gobierno Corporativo

Corporate Governance

Reliability and commitment to always be by your side

[F32] Gobierno corporativo - Políticas Corporativas y Sostenibilidad

Corporate and Sustainability Policies

VidaCaixa bases its management on responsible actions and financial efficiency, but also aims to gain momentum in other areas, aware of our leading position in the industry through the policies described below. 

VidaCaixa states its commitment to setting up an action framework in line with the current regulations and CaixaBank Group’s corporate values: quality, trust and social commitment.  

We focus on earning society’s trust and we work to offer the best customer experience, which is also reflected in the products we offer. We believe in the importance of sustainability to contribute to a greater sustainable progress in the financial, social and environmental areas in spite of the ever-growing complexities. In recent years, we’ve been factoring in environmental, social and governance criteria in our investment analysis.

The new regulatory framework on sustainability seeks to improve reporting standards on the use of sustainability criteria in making investment decisions and shareholders’ involvement. This is all done through different Spanish and EU regulations.

VidaCaixa carries out many actions to incorporate sustainability factors into the management of our products, in accordance with the corporate Sustainability Risk Integration framework drawn up for CaixaBank Group, as well as countless international agreements and standards that place us as a leading entity in sustainable investment.

These are our principles and policies for this, where you will find additional information on how VidaCaixa takes into account sustainability factors in the products offered to our customers.