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Fixed-income pensions scheme

Invest in your future safely

The first step towards your future is your savings: you decide where you’re heading and we accompany you. In VidaCaixa you’ll find the safest and most reliable way to save up for your retirement. Here you’ll find the fixed-income pension scheme that best fits your age, needs and investor profile. Our fixed-income schemes operate with debt issued by governments and companies. These are bonds, bills and securities that pay interest after a set period of time with barely no risk. 

It’s important to remember that pension schemes are an investment alternative with income tax reliefs. 

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The benefits of our fixed-income pension schemes

Stable return

The investment you make will be in fixed-income markets that produce a stable return on the savings in the short to medium term.

Tax benefits

Make the most of these fixed-income products: pension schemes are the only financial product with income tax reliefs.

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Frequently asked questions about our fixed-income pension schemes

Do you have any doubts about our short-term fixed-income schemes? We tell you all you need to know about our pension schemes to improve your future standard of living. Check our FAQs for more information.

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  • What’s a fixed-income pension scheme?

    • Fixed-income pension schemes are a type of investment traded on fixed-income markets. They are issued by governments and companies and allow you to make a stable return on your savings when you’re closer to your retirement.

  • How do fixed-income pension schemes work?

    • Unlike equity schemes, short-term fixed-income schemes are based on investing part of the assets in fixed-income instruments. These are bonds, bills and securities that pay interest at the end of a certain period of time. The risk level of fixed-income pension schemes is practically inexistent in many cases and low in others.

  • What are the benefits of a fixed-income pension scheme?

    • The most important benefit of a fixed-income pension scheme for investors is knowing that their investment will yield a stable return in the short term. Also, this product has fantastic tax benefits.

  • When should I contract a short-term fixed-income scheme?

    • All our fixed-income pension schemes are perfect for people over 60 or those who are close to retiring. In short, these schemes are for an investor profile that seeks a stable return as well as income tax reliefs.

  • How does this pension scheme affect my income tax?

    • Fixed-income pension schemes allow you to deduct a certain amount of money from your income tax return. It’s important to know the best way to take your pension scheme to enjoy tax reliefs. The money received from a pension scheme is considered as earned income by the Tax Agency and, therefore, it’s included in the Income Tax Return.

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VidaCaixa is the leading company in the Spanish insurance industry and has lots to offer you with solutions that suit your age and investor profile. A reliable and safe way of preparing for the future with significant tax reliefs. Here you’ll find the products and services that best suit you along with our fixed-income pension schemes for a better future. Find out about them and combine our products depending on your needs.

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